Who am I? Well isn’t that the question of all questions?  What I do isn’t who I am.  So who I’d like to think I AM is…

  • A woman who loves to laugh
  • A deeply spiritual person
  • A person always seeking to better herself
  • A person who is compassionate
  • A giving person
  • A woman who finds joy in just letting go and dancing… yes, like no one’s watching :-)

I’m also passionate about traveling. I’ve been to Germany, the UK, all over the US, Canada and Mexico as well as the Caribbean. My hope is that my next trip be through Ireland, Italy, Spain and Greece.

Language kind of goes hand in hand with the travel aspect of my passion. I’m fluent in American Sign Language and do small interpreting assignments to keep my skill level up. I also know enough German to get me in trouble. I’d love to learn Russian and Italian as well.

I don’t currently have pets as I’m far too busy to give enough time and energy to them, but I absolutely adore animals of all (well… most) sorts.  Once I have a family and settle down I’ll probably get a dog or two.